San Diego Transportation

San Diego Transportation

San Diego transportation is convenient, safe and reliable. Travel hassle-free between National City and downtown San Diego via trolley, bus, taxi, car, bicycle and even by boat.

By trolley: The San Diego Trolley, often called San Diego’s moving landmark, is a fun way to get around without worrying about driving and parking. The trolley services many popular San Diego destinations and its stations are conveniently located and accessible.  For traveling between National City and downtown San Diego, you can easily hop on the Blue line. Parking is also available at many MTS Trolley stations. For station locations and parking details, see Trolley Station Information.

The blue line from the 5th Avenue trolley station in downtown San Diego to the 8th Street trolley station in National City it will take approximately 40 minutes. There free parking at the 8th Street trolley station.


By bus: There are many different bus routes you can take between National City and downtown San Diego, but the easiest most direct route would be bus route 929 (as shown below). Here is a list of where you can find other bus routes to take. It is important to check bus schedules as times vary from weekdays to weekends.

By taxi: For taxi service in San Diego County, call 511 to be connected with a dispatcher. Taxis are a great way to get around and they are super convenient and readily available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Taking a taxi can also be a solution to get to a bus or trolley station if it’s too long of a drive.

By car: San Diego transportation doesn’t always have to be public.  If you have a car or a rental, there are a several ways to get from National City to downtown San Diego. From National City, take Interstate 5 north and take exit 15A toward J Street or take Interstate 805 north to CA-94 west. Both ways will get you to the downtown area of San Diego.

Approximate driving time to the following San Diego attractions:

Downtown San Diego – 11 minutes

San Diego Zoo (Balboa Park) – 12 minutes

Sea World – 20 minutes

Coronado – 14 minutes

La Jolla – 24 minutes

Naval Base – 5 minutes

Baja California, Mexico – 15 minutes

Legoland, Carlsbad – 40 minutes

Cricket Ampitheatre – 15 minutes

By bicycle: National City is a great place to take advantage of the warm beautiful weather and ride your bicycle. You can chart your course with the San Diego Regional Bike Map. You can also take one of the previously suggested San Diego transportation options to the start of a bike path if there isn’t one close to you. Most buses are equipped with bike racks at the front of the bus and bicycles are allowed on the Trolley anytime.

Take advantage of the Bayshore Bikeway, a 24-mile bicycle facility around the San Diego Bay that leads sightseers and training athletes alike through a number of scenic areas. Find the Bayshore Bikeway map here.

Boat: There is also the option of traveling via boat. Pier 32 is the finest marina in San Diego with top-of-the-line amenities and modern waterfront facilities. It is located on San Diego Bay at the mouth of the Sweetwater Channel in National City, 6 miles south of downtown San Diego. By boat, enter at Sweetwater Channel at green buoy #39. By car, take bay Marina Drive exit in National City and head west, then turn left onto Marina Way at the first stoplight.