What You Must Do While Visiting San Diego Area

If you have extra time to tour San Diego area after visiting National City’s 25 places to visit, San Diego area has dozens if not hundreds of things to do to keep you busy on your next trip out. Below, we will outline some must-see destinations and activities to get you started on your itinerary.

Cabrillo National Monument

Starting off on a historical note, the Cabrillo National Monument is more than just a monument to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first explorer to reach the area; it is home to the best views of the city. High up on a notable promontory, you can look out across the city at its finest and the bay. In addition, you can visit the tide pools below (which are known for whale watching) or check out the nearby lighthouse.

Birch Aquarium

While San Diego has Sea World, one place you should definitely check out is the Birch Aquarium. It isn’t the flashiest aquarium in the city, let alone the state, but its modest size does allow the aquarium to put on interesting exhibits while keeping up its small facilities. Visiting the Birch Aquarium is a good idea for families, too.


Legoland! What else needs to be said? A lot, actually, since the Legoland theme park is home to some of the greatest (and smallest) architectural achievements in the world. North of the city, Legoland is another great place to check out if you are visiting the city with children.


Water park across 32 acres with more than 20 waterslides, a huge wave pool & lazy river.

“The Beach”

Telling someone to go to “the beach” in San Diego is misdirecting, since any road heading west will likely take you to a beautiful ocean view with fine sand, amenities, and a great day in the sun. With year-round weather fit for a seaside stroll, most of San Diego’s beaches are perfect for surfing, hanging out with friends and family, or just taking in the Pacific view.

San Diego Zoo

It wouldn’t be a trip to San Diego without visiting the award-winning zoo. However, the often overlooked Safari Park, San Diego’s sister zoo, delivers one of the best, most intimate experiences with wildlife you will ever have. This safari-style adventure is great for everyone, too, and offers wonderful photo opportunities, activities, and other adventures you can learn about on the park’s website.

The Harbor

The San Diego Harbor is one of the most recognized bays in the country. While you’re there, though, make sure you check out one of the affordable harbor cruises and the surrounding visitor centers and local shops.

As you may have noticed, San Diego offers so many opportunities for families, business travelers, short-term visitors, and residents. So when you stop by, don’t just sit in your hotel room! Instead, go out, explore, and have a great time and experience everything the city has to offer.