Military and Defense

Courtesy of the United States Navy (

To our servicemen and women, we would first like to thank you and all your efforts and welcome you to National City. With the military and defense industry being one of San Diego’s largest employers, National City is appreciative of the dedication and the work you do. Depending on the time frame of your stay, we invite you to be a part of National City’s annual Salute to the Navy and participate in our Local Armed Forces Recognition program. Because National City is just two miles from the California Naval Base, it is an ideal location for friends and family to stay while in town. Plus a handful of hotels in National City offer incentives for the military. When looking for hotel deals, San Diego is definitely the right area whether you’re in town for the week or simply in San Diego for overnight travel. National City provides a familiar and comfortable environment to relax and stay, and is in perfect proximity to everything you need! Book now for the best hotel deals!