Hotel Accommodations

Get a good night’s sleep in National City. National City is home to a wide variety of hotel accommodations that range from a four-star hotel on the marina to a quaint bed-and-breakfast inn. You can find some of the best hotel deals San Diego has to offer in National City, including the Best Western Marina Gateway, Clarion South Bay, Holiday Inn Express, Grand Plaza Inn, Howard Johnson Express, National City Motel, Paradise Motel, Rodeway Inn, Stardust Inn, Super 8 Motel, Sweetwater Inn and Carlil Auto Court.

All twelve of these hotels are within 2 miles from the center of National City:

  1. Best Western Marina Gateway – 1 mile
  2. Clarion South Bay – 1 mile
  3. Holiday Inn Express – city center
  4. Grand Plaza Inn – city center
  5. Howard Johnson Express – 1 mile
  6. National City Motel – 1.5 miles
  7. Paradise Motel – 2 miles
  8. Rodeway Inn – 1 mile
  9. Stardust Inn – city center
  10. Super 8 Motel – 1 mile
  11. Sweetwater Inn – 2 miles
  12. Carlil Auto Court – 2 miles