Food & Restaurants

  • Waterfront Grill - Pier 32 Marina

If you’re looking for things to do in San Diego, why not take your taste buds on a culinary excursion in National City?  With choices ranging from traditional American fare and fresh seafood at the Waterfront Grill at Pier 32 Marina and authentic Mexican found at Karina’s Seafood to rich Filipino cuisine served at Tita’s Kitchenette (2720 E Plaza Blvd, Ste E), satisfying your cravings and picking out what to do in San Diego becomes a delicious task.

National City’s rich history as a cultural melting pot also creates an abundance of diverse dining options. Cafe la Maze serves as a prime example.  Founded in 1935, and home to the best prime rib in San Diego, Cafe la Maze is recognized as one of the city’s most historic restaurants, originally built to cater to wealthy Hollywood stars on their way to Tijuana, Mexico.  This hidden gem is only one of many National City restaurants that brings you back to the past for a true, vintage dining experience.

Niederfrank’s Ice Cream, known for its famed frosty treats, is another household name in National City. Niederfrank’s, opened in 1948 by Elmer Niederfrank, started making the famous frosty treats using the same freezers that are still used today. And if you’re craving some good old-fashioned specialty pizza, head to Napoleone Pizza House (619 National City Blvd). Deemed by many as the best pizza in San Diego, experience it for yourself!